Flightlinez over Fremont Street Take a ride on a zip line over Fremont Street and get a birds eye view of Downtown. Ticket office is open daily from noon to midnight. I prefer it because it is smaller, the dealers are friendlier and the winning seems to be more abundant. Some of the themes of the shows include Queen, the Beatles, Motorcycles, Jets and so much more.

Golden Nugget Pool The Tank as they call it at the Nugget is an awesome swimming experience. Hours are Monday – Thursday, 2 p.m. There is plenty of music and entertainment at Fremont Street.

Casino Hopping The casinos in Downtown Vegas are smaller in size then the ones that are on the strip. It is one of the newest attraction s in Vegas. You wont regret it and you probably will keep visiting year after year.

It may be a smaller area but the Vegas fun is just as big. People line up daily to sell their stuff or buy things and hopefully get on television. The food is awesome and the prices are reasonable. – midnight; Friday – Sunday, 2 p.m. The area features lot of free entertainment and exciting Vegas fun. The downtown Las Vegas hotels include the Golden Nugget, Four Queens, Fitzgeralds, Binions, Fremont, Las Vegas Club, Californian, Golden Gate, Main Street Station and the Plaza. You can fly through the Las Vegas sky for as low as $15.00.

Neon Museum This open air park is located at the East end of Fremont Street.

It holds a collection of vintage neon signs that were removed from old Las Vegas casinos called the Boneyard. Each light show is choreographed to music and extends over the top ofFremont Street. Riders shoot right through the tank. If you can, try to add it to your Las Vegas things to do list so you can experience the side of Vegas that is more like what it used to be before the mega casinos became such a huge part of the Vegas skyline.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of the best things to do in Downtown Vegas. – 2 a.m. There is a huge aquarium filled with all kinds of fish including sharks and a sliding tube runs right through the middle of it. You can easily walk to any of the nine casinos that are in the downtown Las Vegas area. The downtown area is north of the strip and the main area is located on Fremont Street and some of the streets that intersect. It is very cool! The pool area surrounds the tank and has hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor blackjack tables, a bar and tons of comfortable lounge areas.

A trip to Vegas has long been a favorite vacation of mine. Fremont Experience Las Vegas This is a fantastic light showthat happens nightly over Fremont Street. In regards to gambling downtown, the minimum bets are much lower and the slots payoff is much better. Most allow pictures to be taken if you want to capture another Vegas moment.

Open Air Concerts They have a lot of free entertainment out on Fremont Street. If you include a stop to the downtown area or even choose to stay there like I do here is a list of things you might want to add to your Vegas activity checklist. Make it a part of your next trip to Las Vegas. Most of Fremont Street is a pedestrian walking area so you dont have to worry about traffic as you go in and out of the casinos. On Fridays they feature their Seafood buffet which holds all kind of seafood including all you can eat crab legs and clams.

On an additional note, there are many restaurants in DowntownVegas that deserve some attention. You can sit outside at one of the coffee shops, bars or restaurants and get your fill of a mix of uniquepeople and Vegas characters that are so much a part of the Fremont Street ambiance. You will have fun trying your luck at each of the downtown casinos.. The

Fremontexperience in Las Vegas is not to be missed. It has become quite a favorite destination for the Vegas visitor.

Downtown Las Vegas, also known as Old Vegas, is a not to be missed stop if you are taking a trip to Sin City. Its a condensed area with wall to wall action. Binions Steak house is at the top of Binions and not only can you have a fine steak but a fine view also. Schedules vary but the show is on the hour after dark. After staying on the the Las Vegas Strip for years, I have now switched my preference to the Downtown Las Vegas area. You can take a walking tour of the old neon signs that are a part of old Vegas history.

Million Dollar Photo Binions gives you the opportunity to take your picture with a million dollars. There is sometimes more than one concert going on at any given night at other areas of Fremont Street. In Downtown Vegas all the attractions are easy to get to.

What To Do In Downtown Vegas?

Main Street Station Buffet This particular Las Vegas buffet is one of the best Ive been to. There is a stage set up by Fitzgeralds with live bands. It is a short drive away and is easy to get to by taxi, bus or car. It is a great way to capture a Vegas memory.

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop This pawn shop on Las Vegas Blvd just outside of the downtown area has become famous on the History channel as it is the home of Pawn Stars. Vic and Anthonys inside the Golden Nuggetis a highly acclaimed restaurant along with Hugos Cellar inside the Four Queens. There are a lot of things to do in Downtown Las Vegas that may not be as well known as on the Strip. If you are looking for fun, casual dining try the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street where theyserve huge burgers and if you weigh over 300 pounds your meal is free.

People Watching The Downtown Las Vegas area is

aprime spot for people watching